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Water Damage Emergency Manhattan Kansas

Do you need Water Damage Emergency in Manhattan Kansas? Sometimes the cure is worse than the malady.  Here is a good example.

Let’s say you have a house fire, not necessarily a totally devastating one, but a fire nonetheless. The fire department arrives then dumps a gazillion gallons of water on it. Success … the fire is out but that heavy dousing has left a good measure of that water in your house.  It seeps through the carpets, mats floorboards, furniture and probably between your walls.  You now have a water damage  emergency in your Manhattan KS home.

How can you efficiently solve the problem? Leave it to the All Star Response team to bail you out.

Back in more primitive times and even now, the only solution was to hire a team of well meaning handymen “restorers” who removed as much water as they could with shop vacs and fans.  If they were well equipped they might have a dehumidifier of two to help. But, the fact is that a great amount of water was left behind. In the days it took for your home to dry out, mold would grow and cause an outbreak of sniffling, tearing, throat and eye irritations  before becoming the perfect environment for bacteria and airborne diseases to prosper.

That was then. Now, our All Star Response team the experts in Water Damage Emergency in  Manhattan KS utilize high powered extraction equipment and highly advanced dehumidification units to wring virtually every drop of excess water from your home, carpets and furniture.

That’s how All Star Response goes about the business of water damage restoration.  Good-bye microbial growth in and outside your home. Good-bye mold, mildew and nasty odors. No need to replace  furniture or structural materials. When we say we restore – we mean it. That’s the difference between calling a certified professional or a guy with a shop vac and a fan.

All Star Response team can help with your Water Damage Emergency Manhattan KS and …

  • Warmego
  • St.Mary’s
  • Junction City
  • Ft Riley
  • Aberdeen
  • Alma
  • Clay Center


Call the All Star professionals today at (785)-458-2328 to have a certified professional to your home.

What Constitutes a Water Extraction Emergency?

It’s not just the Water, it is also the danger of mold. Much of that problem can be eliminated if you act fast. REMEMBER: Drying Fast Is Not Just Convenient, It Is Critical. That’s why you should call us as soon as you can. We provide 24/7 Emergency Service to Residential & Commercial Customers. So, if you home is underwater, CALL US RIGHT NOW

Bad Things Can Happen

If your water problem has evolved further, as when it was not extracted completely, bad things happen. Odors appear and even after you spray with deodorizing products and chemicals, the odor persists. … That’s bad.

Allstar Response is now part of the amazing JUST GONE system, a safe chlorine dioxide combination (not bleach) that rids your home or business of stubborn, offensive odors and the health threatening bacteria, both airborne and on  interior surfaces. … That’s good.

JUST GONE opens the door for use in a huge array of facilities other than homes where odors can be a problem, especially:

  • Car, RV, & Boat Dealers (Eliminates cigarette smoke odors)
  • Real Estate Professionals- (it’s difficult to sell a smelly house)
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities   (kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Fitness Centers
  • Business
  • Schools
  • Spas
  • Resorts

To find out more about our Miracle odor elimination system, fill our the online form or call for a quote or to schedule an appointment. (785)-458-2328)

More About Mold Remediation

Where there’s water and darkness, mold happens. That mold produces spores that spread can take over sections or all of your home. The fungus is among us, so to speak.

It can be found in areas where the humidity is very high or where you find seepage, drain back ups or other accumulations of water, often in bathrooms, basements, cracked foundations, crawl spaces, attics, leaking plumbing, water fixtures and in the aftermath of flooding. That’s why complete elimination of mold is so important and a key to a healthy, germ free household.

Mold can cause respiratory problems and allergic responses especially to anyone with respiratory ailments, particularly  children and the elderly.

If you suspect mold please contact us today at (785)-458-2328) to schedule a professional evaluation. We can instruct and advise  you about our  easy to apply mold remediation process. You can do it. Visit our online store for more amazing products.

Call All Star Response at the first sign of a Water Damage Emergency in Manhattan Kansas and other neighboring communities.

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