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Need AllStar Water Damage Restoration Manhattan Kansas? Are you facing an emergency Water Fire or Mold Issue?

We offer 24/7 Emergency Service for  Residential & Commercial properties!

Water is an essential part of life. It’s something we all enjoy. There is nothing more enjoyable than an ice cold glass of water or a refreshing dip in the pool on a scorching July afternoon. On the other hand, a foot or two of murky flood water in your basement or living room or a torrent of rain pouring  down through your wind damaged roof, or the horrible mess and stench from a backed up septic system that concerns you most if it turns the water you enjoy into a soggy, unsanitary  quagmire that can leave you and your family with a houseful of germs, bacteria, odors and a potentially dangerous gathering of mold spores and a house full of water damaged furniture and appliances.

Water Damage Emergency

Disastrous events like these happen every day. In fact, the scenario could be much worse.  Your home could be underwater because of a broken  water pipe, or inundated by a flash flood.

If  your house should happen to catch fire, it can suffer extreme water damage from the tons of water the Fire Department drops on the home to extinguish the flames. To prevent this kind of disaster from  the effects of a water disaster, All Star Maintenance advises homeowners to call our restoration company at soon as you discover the problem.  The sooner the better so that our technicians can begin the process of water evacuation.

There are plenty of other examples of homes and businesses that have been transformed into water soaked ruins  from acts of nature  or from water damage caused by your well intentioned fire department that have inadvertently left a foot or two of water in your basement, a result of their efforts to extinguish your home fire.

We are the AllStar Water Damage Restoration Manhattan Kansas, a highly regarded water damage repair and restoration company. We do what needs to be  done to quickly restore your home to  its safe, fully restored state as it was before the damage occurred. Our company does mure that get rid of some or most of the water. When our job is completed, your home or commercial building  will be a completely dry and fully  dehumidify home, ready to be put back into service. That is our promise to every customer, one that we take quite seriously.

How Can We Help You?

What does all of this mean to you? Plenty. Until recently, standard methods of  removing flood waters or any accidental water accumulation were quite inefficient and ineffective at best. It takes more than opening windows and turning on fans to reduce the amount of damaging water and excess moisture in a home.

All Star Response does so much more than turn on a couple of fans to eliminate some of the damaging moisture. We utilize high tech equipment developed specifically for situations like yours to QUICKLY remove all traces of damaging water and moisture from your home.  Our high end commercial blowers and dehumidifiers are incredibly effective, so  effective so that after a day, all traces of water are gone. This advanced dehumidification process gets to every corner of your home between walls, under floorboards, furniture, wallboard, plaster carpeting drapes and more to get rid of every drop of excess H20.

What does all this that mean to you? Simply put, it means that our process eliminates any instance of water retention which is the cause mold, mildew and the odors. Those odors are caused by bacteria that not only smells bad, they prosper and grow quickly in that type of  habitat all allow more germs and  harmful viruses to grow and negatively affect your family’s health.

Our procedure takes home restoration to a new level. Our company is  pleased to offer these advanced and completely effective services to the public. All of our services  have been tested  and further developed  for use in this region so that residents of and near  Manhattan, Wamego, Ogden, Clay Center, Junction City, Ft. Riley and Topeka KS can benefit.

Over the past thirty five years and with   the stream of  advances in technology, the industry has changed dramatically. Today, we have high-powered extraction units, state of the art drying equipment and powerful dehumidification equipment and processes specifically designed for water damage restoration.

AllStar Water Damage Restoration Manhattan Kansas team investments has set our company light years ahead of the competition. We are proud to have made the investment in our industry leading equipment. That investment is paying off handsomely in that our customers are more pleased than ever with the results of our procedure to handle every degree of damage and need.

Beware of the amateur water removal company. Most can not afford the equipment and other expensive components required to do the perfect job. With All Star, your water issues are handled efficiently and correctly from the start.You can depend on All Star for a job well done. Every situation is unique so we tailor our service to your specific requirements.  Our certified technicians are trained to recognize and treat your home to eliminate microbial growth and serious mold issues like black mold inside and outside of your home.

Years of experience working with most major insurance companies allows us to get the most out of your insurance coverage. All Star is familiar with replacement costs of damaged household items so that your insurance settlements are right on the money and not severely underestimated.

The Rest of The Story.

AllStar Water Damage Restoration Manhattan Kansas has recently joined forces with JUST GONE Systems, a completely new and innovative process that safely eliminates odors,mold mildew and viruses from your home. Some odors are inherent in older homes, but even newer residences can be affected by noticeable odors like

  • cigarette smoke

  • Smoke from  house fires

  • Cooking odors like curry

  • Mildew

  • Sewer back ups

  • Pet odors

  • Urine odors

  • Marijuana

Applications include deodorizing smoke inundated used cars, athletic facilities, nursery schools and health care facilities.No matter where it’s used, JUST GONE works.

The Just Gone System does more than simply mask these smells or cover them with a heavy perfumed smell. All of those offensive odors are “Just Gone” after one easy application of our remarkable safe vapor product known as  CLO2 or Chlorine Dioxide  (CLO2).

 JUST GONE ODOR REMOVAL SYSTEM is so unique that it warrants a website of its own where you can review all its benefits. For more information, Visit our dedicated odor removal website: and online store to learn more about the Just Gone System and its growing list of  specialty products.

 This is a perfect opportunity for you to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians who can review your needs and show you how our system goes about getting rid of your worst embeded and other detrimental airborne substances from your home and your family’s health

 785-458-2328 is the number to call for fast relief for your water damage and odor problem. If you prefer, use our online Free Quotation request form  found on our website..

 AllStar Response, Inc.

Our company always does its best to help you resolve your water damage issues. In fact, it seems we work even harder when we  work with our friends and neighbors who reside in  our part of the state here in Northeast and North Central Kansas AllStar Response, Inc. is a local family owned restoration company. We understand that your home and/or business is one of your most important investments. With over 35 years of combined experience in the restoration industry, the All Star Response team is ready to handle all of your restorative needs. It is our goal to provide the highest quality service in a way that no other service company does.

 Water, Odor, and Mold  and Fire Damage are our areas of expertise. Elimination and repair of those areas are our specialties and have been for over 35 years. Our success can be attributed to keeping up with and utilizing the latest technology in our quest to provide the absolute best solutions for homeowners who need a quick response to their emergency.

 Perhaps the most important of our services is that of Fire and smoke damage. Because of the destructive power of fire, prevention is the key and is one of our available services. We can help eliminate dangerous points of ignition by doing a complete fire inspection of your home to discover and eliminate trouble spots where fires often begin.

 Possible Ignition Sources and Problem Areas

 Electrical & Small Appliance Fires

Electrical cords become frayed, especially on your most heavily used appliances. Be proactive and avoid fires.

Many home fires can be prevented by periodic inspection of wiring and connections. Power Often it is the simplest  errors and omissions that can cause the largest problems. When you forget to routinely replace the batteries on your smoke detectors and fail to update the or replace your fire extinguishers, you leave your home open to a possible fire disaster or at least the first line of defense for home fires.

By the way, you do have a fire extinguisher or two available for flash kitchen fires don’t you?

 Have you noticed that your clothes are taking longer to dry ? That’s not a dryer problem … It’s a vent problem that is caused by your dryer vent filling with compacted and flammable lint  which can cause a fire to break out. We will clean and clear your dryer vent to allow free passage of hot dryer air to do its job without starting a fire.


A solution to dangerous chimney fires, compliments of Mary Poppins

The following is corny and urgent but it does serve as serious reminder to  help you keep your fireplace chimney clean and free of ignitable soot:

Chim chiminey

Chim chiminey

Chim chim cher-ee!

Keep that stack clean

Or you certainly will

Meet your destiny

We can inspect your chimney  and call in a professional chimney sweep, top hat and all to clean your chimney. Kitchen Grease and Open Flames on your stove = fire. Keep your stove free of grease. The same can be said for ovens. Regular, periodic oven cleaning is a good thing.

Call our sister company (Allstar Services, Inc.) at (785)-565-8735 for pricing on and to schedule a dryer vent cleaning today.

To discuss any of our other services , to request a quotation or to ask any other questions about our full service restoration company, Contact AllStar Water Damage Restoration Manhattan Kansas at 785-458-2328

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